I’d sit with scissors and magazines in hand, newspapers scattered across my feet and the floorboards. I filled scrapbook upon scrapbook full of drawing and fashion. In the middle of hundreds of loose ends, I would find an order, a story, an aesthetic. I was only 10 years old but I was looking at the pages of my future career. It was inevitable that this is what I would set out to do, that design is who I would become.

I accumulate images and fold them into pages. I gather graphic elements and place them one by one so what you end up holding is a book filled with peoples emotions. I notice lines and love. I consider colour, tone and colourful personalities. I listen to what the images have to say and I order them accordingly. I break each design into a minimalist creation so that each image flows and is supported by those at its side, and in the end the story is always the solution.

The way I design is born from my personality. I believe in order and attention to the finer details. I consume books and trinkets and magazines that weave their way into my inspiration, a line here, a graphic there, hints of romance and freedom. It’s a challenge to me, infusing memory and nostalgia with actively simple designs. It’s showcasing life and soul and photography in the textured pages of a fine art album. In the day to day I immerse myself in an enormous well of photography, typography and design surrounded by friends who do the same. I carry my passion over to my personal exploration of photography and I believe in the power of collaboration to discover a voice greater than your own. I have a quiet respect for the unique style I have gathered from years of finding solitude in simplicity. So here I am, creating, line by line, come and collaborate with me.

Renee x


photos by : Photography with Cassie


2017 The Album Atelier Workshop, Sydney – Speaker

2017 Camp Common Folk, Western Australia - Crash Course Teacher

2015 Sweat Shop, Melbourne - Guest Speaker

2015 Common Folk Collective breakfast event, Perth - Speaker