"I’m super passionate about my clients printing their wedding images. For me the best way to tell the story of a couples day is in book form. Not only is it a beautiful vehicle for photographic story telling, a wedding album will become a family heirloom. Drowning in post production work, I reached out to Renee for help and she has helped me get my life back. She has made the process so simple and streamlined my clients are constantly surprised with turnaround times. Other than being a total legend, she accommodated what she does to suit my album sale style. I owe her big time as she has gotten me out of trouble many times. Her eye for design is awesome, she is amazing to work with and her work flow will have you wondering what to do with all of your extra time."

- James Simmons -

"Immediately upon meeting Renee, I knew it was going to be great working with her. Her knowledge of the album design process made me feel like a very important part of my business would be in the hands of a talented and capable person. Not only that, she is an extremely kind and helpful soul, and is always there to answer questions when you have them. Her designs are clean, modern, yet tailored to your specific style, and the feedback from my clients has been excellent. I couldn’t be happier with Renee."

- Madeline Druce -

"Renee has been designing my fine art books for a couple of years now, and she always does a fantastic job, in addition to being a lovely person to work with.  Not only is  she creative with her designs, but she makes suggestions like matching a menu font from a couples reception to the album cover font that adds a personal touch and wows my clients. I love knowing that once I have handed over my images to Renee, I am free to concentrate on other aspects of my business, while she takes control of the design process. Her workflow with online software also makes the review process simple and easy for my clients.  Knowing that they can proof their album from the comfort of their home computer is a big plus. Renee is a huge reason why my fine art books are such a popular choice with my clients."

- Leo Farrell -

"I love album design so it was a difficult thing for me to let go of, but as my business continued to grow I had no choice but to look at outsourcing. When I looked at the very first album Renee designed for me, I shed a massive sigh of relief. Not only is she an absolute delight of a human being to work with, but her skill, passion, creativity and perfection in her story telling and design is second to none. I know my precious photographs are in safe hands with her."

Eric Ronald -

"Renee is a total dream to work with. I can't describe what a lifesaver she's been! Her knack for storytelling is fantastic, and her sense for design is spot on. I've been 100% happy with every album she's helped me produce. I would highly recommend her to anyone."  

 - Lucy Spartalis -

"A mutual friend photographer told me about Renee when I started getting album orders. I attempted to design an album and gave up after 10 minutes. Renee came to my rescue! I've worked with other book and album designers in the past, but Renee's service, design skills and quality of care for what she does makes her the best album designer out there. I trust her skills and abilities 100%, and I believe that my art book sales are what they are because of Renee's work. I am always proud to show my clients their album proofs."

 - I Got You Babe -